How to become a painter

Painting is a very great way to relax. If you are a beginner and you hope to develop your techniques further, we have some advice for you. Even if you don’t want to paint as a professional it is still a great hobby to get into. Painting gives you a great outlet to process your thoughts and express them in a creative manner. It also gives you that satisfaction of having created something you are proud of. If you are a professional artist, some of this advice might still be applicable to you to develop your skill further. No matter which category you fall into, we hope you find these tips useful.


Learn the basics


There are some basic skills in art that you have to master before you go on to create masterpieces. They include techniques like mixing colours and tricks like using frames to sketch people. You can also learn to get different effects by using different brush strokes and different types of paint. You can get art lessons in order to learn these basics. There are many detailed books that also explain how you can do these things, which you can make use of if you feel like you are capable of self studying them.


Keep practicing


One of the best advice that can be given to upcoming artists is to keep practicing. It is true that art requires a lot of talent that comes very naturally but there is also a component of hard work involved. If you feel like you are not very good at drawing intricate details you have to understand that this requires skill and like any other skill it should be honed with years of practice. If you are working on a painting and the detail is not perfect you can keep drawing until it satisfies you. Especially if you use a medium like oil paints on canvass you can keep fixing your work until its perfect.


Follow other artists


Another really good way to develop your skill is by following other artists. You can learn by observing the way they have used different techniques to convey different effects. You can also observe the way they have used various colours to bring out light and shade. Art is actually about creating an optic illusion with colours and lines. This is why you can paint something in abstract or outline and people can still make sense out of it and identify the various scenes they convey. Following other artists will help you get an idea of how they have achieved these effects so that you too might adopt a few of them in your work.


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