DIY projects you can try out

If you are the creative type of person you will probably love DIY projects. DIY stands for ‘do it yourself’ which refers to various art projects that give you instructions on how to make for yourself, artistic items that you might find in shops for really high prices. These items can use used around the house for decorative purposes. It’s one way to add some personality to your living space. They also make great gifts with that extra element of being something you made yourself.


We have made a list of DIY projects that you can try. These can be one off projects that you are making for a particular occasion or the start of a new hobby. Check out the following list and find out if this is something you might keep doing.


Paper weights and other desk top ornaments


Making personalised paper weights and pencil stands and other desktop ornaments is really the greatest way to personalise your desk at work or at home. These craft projects tend to be really easy. For one, you can get amazing marble designs on stuff by dipping them in buckets of oil paint that is floating on water. There are plenty of other projects of this nature that you can find online as well.


The best part about these projects is that you get to use the stuff you make on a daily basis. They will also add some colour to your desk and make it seem less boring. It might also be a topic of conversation among your co workers.


Recycling old clothes


There are many instructions you can find online on ways to recycle your clothes. You can turn ripped jeans into shorts or patch them up using different sewing techniques. You can even turn old baggy t-shirts into tank tops. You can also turn plain clothes into more colourful ones using techniques such as tie-dye. If you have any old clothes are you don’t want to wear anymore you can use them for some projects like this, and automatically get a whole new wardrobe.


Mugs and other personalised gifts


You can draw on mugs or other tokens and make personalised gifts for your friends. Another great idea for a personalised gift that you can make is a picture frame. You can take this a step further and even personalise the gift wrap by making small stamps to print a little pattern on plain paper. This will really show your loved ones that you have gone the extra mile to make their gift really special.

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