Best places to explore art and culture

If you are an art lover you might want to know where you should go to see some good paintings. Art is a way of expressing oneself and there are many places in which you will find creative and talented people doing just that. We have made a list for you. If you are an art buyer you can pick these places depending on what you want to buy as well. On the other hand if you are an artist looking to display your work this information might be able to help you pick out how you want to position your self and your art in the art community.


Underground art displays


There could be many underground art displays for the hard core art fans. These aren’t places that are literally underground. Instead the word refers to places that are less well known. If you are an avid art fan you would love to visit one of these places. They are not often advertised and you will have to find them by talking to other art lovers.


The art found in these places might be controversial and commentate on various social and political issues. You will find many artists who express their opinions on current events through their art which makes it a very interesting viewing experience as well.


Street art


There will be popular street art places that you might have heart of. These are places where art is displayed and sold on the street. Most often they are by artists who cannot afford to rent out a gallery. The artists might have also chosen this method of displaying their art to make it more accessible to the public. Not everyone will come to a gallery to see their art, but when it is displayed on the street more people have an opportunity to enjoy it. If you are a buyer you might be able to find some really good pieces of art for a good price in these places as well.


Popular art galleries


This is where you should go to get the high end art. It’s difficult to classify art in that manner, but what we mean is, these are the places to find the work of very well established artists. The pieces in these galleries will be expensive but with a high demand. Therefore if you want to pick up a few pieces they might be a worthy investment. Sometimes these art galleries also have events where guests can socialise and enjoy the art. Going to such an event will help you meet other people in the art community that share your interests.

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