Art projects you can do with kids

If you are looking after kids during their summer vacation you better have lots of ideas on how to keep them entertained. The easiest way to keep kids busy is to let them watch TV or play video games. However this is not very beneficial to their growth and development. Instead you should do something that will help them exercise their creativity and problem solving skills. One of the best way to teach them to do this is by doing some arts and crafts with them. We have a few project ideas that you might like. If not you can also search online and find tons of creative things you can do with your kids. As a starting point for you, here is our list.


Finger painting


Finger painting is a fun way to imagine something as something else. You can ask kids to make little impressions of their fingers on paper and turn these into a different picture. Kids can turn them into animals or other characters. It’s a great way for them to learn to be more creative.


Finger paintings is really easy and you can do these with really small kids as well.  However it can tend to get really messy so make sure you have protective covers on the walls before the kids get paint on them.


Jam jars and other gifts


You can paint jam jars and other little ornaments with your kids, and turn them into little souvenirs that they can keep on their desks or give as gifts. You can add a component about recycling to these projects by using discarded items and turning them into something beautiful. You can also help your kids have a really memorable experience by giving their little creations to loved ones as souvenirs. This will give kids the satisfaction of showing off their creations and hearing praise about it will give them more confidence as well.


Finger puppets


You can make finger puppets with your kids. They can make all sorts of different characters that fit on their fingers and once they are done, you can tell them to put on a show. This will also enhance their imagination and their story telling abilities and other language skills. They can also come up with different stories for characters and think of different scenarios these characters find themselves in and how they find themselves out of that mess. You can even give them a scenario and tell them to figure out how their characters solve it. This will help them improve their problem solving skills and their ability to work in teams as well.


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